Adhesive Sleeves

Adhesive sleeves, also referred to as security sleeves, are a form of pliable packaging used to store and distribute optical media, specifically CDs and DVDs. They resemble a square envelope, accompanied with or without a fold-over flap and made with polypropylene plastic or vinyl plastic. The backs of the sleeves are equipped with an adhesive which is covered by a tape seal until desired use.

Adhesive CD SleeveThis unique form of packaging is highly versatile. Once a user places a CD or DVD in the adhesive sleeve and peels the tape seal, the complete package will stick to virtually any surface. They're a space-saving solution when multiple discs in their adhesive sleeves can be fastened inside binders or books, making the adhesive sleeves highly accommodating to archiving, display projects and collectors' needs.

A standout feature of the adhesive CD/DVD sleeve is its tamper-resistant design. A security pouch anchors the CD or DVD and becomes evident of unwarranted use when the perforated seal is accessed. This design helps to ensure that discs cannot be easily removed.

The vinyl or polypropylene plastic compositions mean that the sleeves are transparent and that the disc's artwork or identification can be fully in view. These materials will also serve to shield the discs from scratches, dust buildup and other external factors that could potentially compromise the artwork and the actual data of the CD or DVD.

Adhesive disc sleeves are constructed in a nearly square shape, but vary in their measurements. Generally, they are approximately 5 inches by 5 inches, with a margin for bigger or smaller sizes. Adhesive sleeves will also come proportionately sized for use with miniature CDs, DVDs or business card discs.

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