Label Sizes and Dimensions

Optical media project customization only gets easier for users who don't have to worry about labels correlating to the size of their discs. In addition to the standard-sized CD and DVD labels, users can take advantage of miniature and business card CD/DVD labels on the market.

Various CD Label SizesCD and DVD labels are not one-size-fits-all, as the varying measurements of the center hole must be taken into account. A center hole may take up 17mm, 22mm, or leave even less label room at 40mm. The labels are generally flush with the disc's outer rim as well as the outer boundary of the center hole.

A full sized CD/DVD label measures approximately at the disc's 4.65" diameter with a 40mm, 22mm or 17mm diameter hole cut from the center.

Though smaller in size, business card CDs and DVDs as well as mini CDs and DVDs maintain the 40mm, 22mm and 17mm center holes, however their actual disc dimensions are less uniform.

A 40mm, 22mm and 17mm center-holed mini CD or DVD will have a label with a diameter of 3.0625".

A 61 mm Business Card CD or DVD label with a 22mm center hole will measure approximately 2.32" between flat edges and 3.08" between rounded edges.

A label for a 61mm Business Card CD or DVD label with a 17mm center hole will measure approximately 2.3228" between flat edges and 3.0712 inches between rounded edges.

A 63mm Business Card CD or DVD label with a 17mm hole will measure approximately 2.406" between flat edges and 3.0615" between rounded edges.

Rectangular Business Card CD or DVD labels don't have to contend with rounded edges. With a 22mm center hole cutout, they measure 61mm by 87mm.

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