Disc Labeling

Replicated DiscThe importance of optical media labeling ranks close to the actual data on the disc itself, as it carries the first impression of the media project. Labeling is also an outlet for creativity, allowing one to express the vision of a project through art and text. It serves as a way to invite users to engage in what the optical media has to offer.

From inserts to on-disc adhesive prints or to the way the label catches the light, labeling takes on a variety of forms and styles. Dimensions, pages and paper finishes can all be customized to taste. Additionally, the printing of a select label is an art in itself and several steps must be taken to guarantee the outcome of labeling with a professional touch.

These resources are available to help you determine how you'd like to approach your optical media labeling, as well as if professional or at-home labeling is right for you.



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