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Riamge Corporation LogoThe Rimage Corporation (NAS: RIMG) is a global manufacturer of optical media storage products including automated disc printers and publishers. The company was founded in 1978 and is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Rimage has been on the cutting edge of data storage from the very beginning. In the 1980s, the Perfect Image Diskette Publishing System let users copy and label floppy diskettes with unparalleled speed and convenience.

Today, Rimage is known for their high-tech disc production machines which are among the best in the industry. Rimage manufactures disc printers and disc publishers (machines that print and burn discs automatically).

Rimage's entry-level units such as the 480i and 2000i use an inkjet print engine powered by Hewlett-Packard. The 2000i can print and burn up to 100 discs per run with its dual DVD/CD recorder drives and integrated disc printer. These machines offer good print quality at a reasonable price.

Rimage EverestWhere Rimage really shines is with their thermal printers. Machines such as the Prism, Prism Plus, Everest, Everest III, Everest 400, and Everest 600 all use thermal print technology to print photo-quality images and text directly on discs.

With a thermal disc printer from Rimage, users can count on solid color reproduction and an exact number of prints per ribbon. Thermal prints also have a glossy finish that gives discs a professional look and feel.

When combined with an autoloading robotic arm, these printers become serious disc duplicating machines. Rimage autoloaders such as the 3400 and 5400N can handle up to 150 discs at a time for complete hands-free disc production.

For the ultimate in disc production, look to the Rimage Producer series. The 7100 and 8100 machines feature 2 and 4 recording drives (respectively) with a total output capacity of up to 300 discs. These stylish machines are intended for use in "front-office" environments such as medical services, schools, and more.

In a mission-critical environment, there are no substitutes for the quality and reliability of a well-maintained Rimage machine. For more information about the Rimage Corporation and their products, please use the links below:

Rimage Corporation
7725 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55439
United States

Rimage Telephone: (800) 445-8288
Rimage Support: (800) 553-8312

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