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Microboards Technology Microboards Technology is a manufacturer and producer of CD and DVD storage products. The company was founded in 1989 and is based in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

Microboards specializes in designing and manufacturing autoloading CD and DVD equipment. They have produced a number of automatic CD printers, CD copiers, and combination units called publishers that both print and burn. Some of Microboards' most popular models include the PrintFactory Pro, the Orbit, and the G3 family of printers.

One thing that sets Microboards apart from others in the industry is the unique design of their machines. Instead of using complex robotics for disc transport, Microboards uses a singulator, or gravity-feed mechanism, for loading discs.

This simplified design has two key advantages. First, it reduces the cost of building the machines (resulting in a lower selling price). Second, it means there are fewer things that could potentially go wrong during the life of the machine.

Microboards PrintFactoryIn addition to disc printers, Microboards also has an extensive line of CD/DVD duplicator towers. These stand-alone units are available with anywhere from 1 to 10 recording drives. Microboards also carries duplicators that are LightScribe, Blu-ray, and Daisy-Chain capable.

With a stand-alone duplicator tower from Microboards, users can make dozens to hundreds of copies of CD and DVD discs quickly and efficiently. The benefit of having a standalone tower is that unlike a disc printer or publisher, it does not require a computer to operate and is far more reliable.

Microboards' line of duplicators also includes the CopyWriter Flash towers, which can copy USB flash drives in large quantities. The CopyWriter Flash comes in 7, 11, and 15-drive configurations depending on the user's needs.

Microboards has over 20 years of experience with disc publishing and data storage. The innovative design of their machines plus their excellent instructions and technical support make them a standout choice in the industry.

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Microboards Technology
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Microboards Telephone: (800) 290-9012
Microboards Support: (952) 556-1639

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