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Epson AmericaEpson America is an affiliate of the Seiko Epson Corporation, which was founded in Japan in 1942. Epson America was established in 1975 and is headquartered in California.

Epson produces a wide range of electronic devices including printers, scanners, robotics, integrated circuits, and much more. However, they are most well-known for their desktop printers which can be found in homes and offices worldwide.

The very first Epson printer was released in 1978. This dot-matrix printer was compatible with the Commodore PET personal computer. Today, Epson printers can print full-color photos crisp text at more than 20 pages per minute. Their line of multi-function all-in-one devices can also copy, scan, and fax documents.

The Artisan series of desktop printers are intended for home and personal users. These machines deliver an impressive array of features at a competitive price. The Artisan printers have replaced the outgoing R-series of printers.

Epson DiscproducerIn 2007, Epson created the DiscProducer, the company's first automated CD/DVD publisher. This professional grade machine incorporates Epson's trademark MicroPiezo print technology with their AcuGrip robotics technology. The result is a machine that creates excellent prints with amazing precision.

The DiscProducer is available as an automated disc printer (model PP-100AP), while the deluxe version (model PP-100) features a built-in CD/DVD burner for complete disc production capabilities.

A special network edition of the DiscProducer is available for multi-user environments. This version comes with an expanded software package for network job queuing and other features.

Epson is a relatively new manufacturer in the market for automated disc printers and publishers. However, the quality of their machines indicates they are here to stay.

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