How to Rip a DVD Disc

When you want to have a copy of your favorite movie on your own hard drive, what do you usually do? While some people prefer downloading movies online, some people choose to copy from their favorite DVD. This process of copying audio or video content from a DVD is called DVD ripping. More often than not when you rip, neither the DVD nor the data is damaged upon extraction.

Individuals who do DVD ripping often use this method to change formats of the file, and to edit, duplicate or back up the content. It is different from merely copying the file where the content is not formatted to easily be used in a computer.

To aid users who are looking to rip content from a DVD, numerous DVD ripping software are available on the internet. If you're tight on budget, you can download DVD ripping software for free. Some free software examples include: DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, Handbrake DVDx, Format Factory, among others.

How to Rip a DVD
Are you ready to rip your favorite DVD so you can watch it on your iPod while on the go? Here are a few simple steps to get you started with your first rip.

  1. Download a DVD ripping software. As mentioned earlier, there are lots of free software applications online. If you're not on a tight budget, you can purchase also purchase a program. However, users say there is not much difference between the free and the priced software. Read on the features first before downloading a software.
  2. Launch the DVD ripping software. When you're ready, just double click the program.
  3. Insert the DVD into the drive. Once the DVD is read, just follow the instructions.
  4. Click "Explore" to open the contents of the disc.
  5. Re-author it. Choose the files that you want to rip.
  6. Click rip or backup.
  7. Choose a destination folder where you want to save your file. You may choose whether you want to rip the file into a single file or as several files.
  8. Optional: Decryption. Usually, commercial DVDs are already encrypted, so you would need decryption DVD ripping software for this.
  9. Shrink it. You may need to compress the files so they do not exert more than what your hard drive can handle. At this point, you may need to transcode it.

Issue: Is DVD ripping illegal?

The answer to this is, NO and YES.

In the United States, it is not permissible to break or bypass any form of copy protection on an audio or video disc, even for the purposes of making one backup copy as provisioned under the Fair Use laws of the 1970s. There are only three exceptions to this rule: when a clip or segment of a DVD is extracted for educational purposes, for documentary filmmaking, and for noncommercial videos. There are no circumstances where it is legal to break copy protection of a full motion picture or sound recording.

The legality of DVD ripping becomes questionable when the user starts distributing the end product. The Digital Millenium Copyright Act 'criminalizes the production and distribution of technology, devices or services' that are copyrighted. Persons found in violation of this law could be penalized with large fines and even jail sentences. At this point, DVD ripping becomes an accessory to the crime of piracy. It is strongly advised that you the check the copyright laws in your country before using this process.

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