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Function and art merge as printable DVDs provide professional grade media with a personal touch. Grade-A printable DVDs come in single and dual layer formats. No matter the storage capacity, each DVD format possesses a printable surface area for custom artwork. Printable DVDs are also versatile to a variety of printing options. Printable discs are like a blank canvas to a user's project-they provide room for creativity without compromising the integrity of the data stored on the DVD.

A media user must take into account a few variables to determine how the finished product will turn out: budget, deadline, visual presentation and desired shelf life of disc.

Printable DVD DiscPrintable DVDs are formulated with distinctive surfaces for compatibility with a user's printer choice. Disc printing options are not only available through a duplication service company, but also through desktop software and other products.

When using inkjet printable discs, the printer streams small countless dots of ink on a white or silver surface that is subsequently coated with a lacquer to keep the artwork intact.

Thermal printed DVDs use a heat-sensitive, pigmented ribbon or paper that applies heat and pressure to the disc's surface to recreate text and simple images.

Specially-coated DVDs are also available for laser-etched disc labels such as LightScribe. With LightScribe, no actual ink or thermal printing is involved and discs can be written as well as custom designed using one drive.

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