Rackmount Duplicators

A rackmount duplicator is a type manual disc copying equipment that requires user intervention for proper operation and differs from a tower duplicator in its orientation-it rests horizontally rather than vertically. The horizontal design not only allows for stable rack mounting, but also helps the device fit into short spaces that cannot accommodate the height of a tower.

Rackmount CD and DVD duplicators operate as standalone equipment that does not depend on a PC or Mac computer. One to seven destination drives are available for these devices depending on production requirements.

Rackmount disc equipment is ideal for copying CDs and DVDs in a number of applications due to its inherent horizontal design. These popular uses include duplication for server rooms, radio and television stations, production houses, schools, churches as well as for other entertainment or media professionals that require multiple copies within the confines of an A/V room. Furthermore, these duplicators allow more room for other equipment. When a rackmount kit is used, the duplicator doesn't need floor, desk or shelf space.

Rackmount installation kits may not always be provided by the manufacturer with purchase. Often they are considered an additional accessory which is comprised of a 19-inch metal rack. The duplicator can be affixed with screws into this rack or it may rest on a built in rack shelf. Based on a majority of manufacturer suggestions, it is recommended that you do not install a rack mounted disc duplicator directly in the path of sunlight or air conditioning flow. Additionally, water, heat and dust must be kept away to preserve the integrity of the disc reproduction equipment.

To operate these standalone duplicators, simply plug into a protected power strip and turn the device on. All features and controls are typically accessible from the front panel of a rack mounted device. From here, copying discs uses the same load-and-go procedure found with tower duplicators.

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