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Disc duplication services take the guesswork out of making copies for your media project by letting professionals handle the workload. While it may sound expensive, the majority of these companies give quick turnarounds for their high volume disc services and they'll work within your budget. Duplication services may handle all the details, but they give you the choice of disc, packaging and artwork so that your artistic or business vision is never compromised. CD-Info delves further into what you need to consider when choosing the right duplication service provider.

First you want to determine what kind of deadline you're working under. The more time you give yourself for your copied disc order, the more choice and flexibility you'll have in selecting a company and having them bring your artwork and project to life, which directly translates into a higher quality outcome. Conversely, you want to look at a service that is versatile with your demands-some can guarantee short run disc duplication and other reproduction orders with a turnaround time in as little as 24 hours.

Disc Duplicator TowersGenerally, the larger the order, the longer it takes. For thousands of CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays outfitted with disc artwork, cases and inserts, you may be looking at a turn time up to 14 days. However with advances in optical media duplicators, the turn time is normally three to five days from the warehouse to your doorstep.

Your budget is just as important as your deadline. In addition to calculating the price of discs with printed artwork, you may need to factor in the extra prices of packaging, inserts and case covers per copy. Additionally, you may need to add in equipment setup, artwork and shipping fees. To ensure the lowest and most competitive costs, research or ask if your duplication service if it can price match with competitive services.

Look for a wide selection of printing options for on-disc images as well as inserts and case covers in the packaging. A variety of printing possibilities implies that the duplication service is willing and able to cater to your budget. If price is no limit, see if the disc service offers thermal re-transfer or offset printing. These selections offer vibrant, high resolution images that make your work look more like a photograph than the surface of a disc. An added perk to using a duplication service is that many offer these premium printing services at no charge to their customers.

If you're keeping a close eye on your printing budget, thermal printing is the least expensive. However, thermal limits you to printing simple black text, logos and shapes. For higher quantities (at least 500) with higher quality, silkscreen printing will create full color artwork but it lacks the high resolution of thermal re-transfer, digital or offset.

Speak with the company or refer to its website to establish its level of expertise and reliability in media duplication. Can the service provider fully answer all of your questions? Does it offer technical support, FAQ or additional online help? Can it provide template tools and resources to help you create customized disc and insert artwork? Check the company's background to see if it's accredited with a Better Business rating. Solid company policies are essential to insure your duplication order-find out how returns are handled. Determining what the company can guarantee in terms of your satisfaction will improve the overall CD/DVD/Blu-ray duplication experience.

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