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Blu-ray 3D is a media format that creates the illusion of tactile depth perception-as if the image jumps from the television or a user feels a part of the scene-while using the high definition 1080p quality of Blu-ray to provide an unmatched entertainment experience.

Blu-ray 3D LogoSpecial eyewear is required to properly view the three dimensional video imagery. In addition to the actual movies on this media format, the navigation options employ a three dimensional effect through menus and subtitles. The specifications were revealed in late 2009 with the media and devices hitting the consumer market in 2010.

Blu-ray 3D is currently a smaller niche market of products and equipment. The first movie title released with full specifications was Monsters vs. Aliens and was exclusively available with the purchase of Samsung's 3D HDTV, Samsung glasses and a BD-C6900 player. In order to operate Blu-ray 3D, you must have those items-a format specific TV, glasses and player as well as a high speed HDMI cable. A limited number of movies are available on the market for three dimensional viewing.

The format currently offers some restricted compatibility when it comes to home entertainment. Previous 3D capable HDTV models will not work with 3D Blu-ray players and manufacturers have yet to engineer an adapter box. A/V receivers are not equipped to handle the format's output pass-through technology, but new receivers are expected to hit the market within a year. Blu-ray players made before the introduction of Blu-ray 3D are incompatible with the exception of Playstation3. The popular console is anticipated to receive a firmware update in October 2010 that will allow it to use the 3D Blu-ray specification.

However, products in the Blu-ray 3D family will work with a corresponding 3D HDTV regardless of the screen type (plasma, LCD, etc.). Players are backward compatible with 2D discs so that current Blu-ray media is still viewable. The encoding for 3D BD video utilizes a MVC codec (Multiview Video Coding). Additionally MPEG4-MVC compresses both eye views in order to allow backward compatibility with two-dimensional media and devices.

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