Compact Disc History

The history of Compact Disc is not very long. In fact, many of the people who helped start the industry are still active in it.

In this section we explore the history and the contributions of some of the people who have made it possible, but we also want to look forward. Part of this section is devoted to sketches of some industry pioneers. Those we are working on now include interviews with Doug Carson of DCA, Allen Adkins of Optical Media International, and Fabrizio Caffarelli of Incat Systems. Many more are planned to help fill in the matrix of events and technical advances with human stories.


History is an organized selective look at the past, and commentary of contemporary observers is one of the important resources for historians. This section is the repository for our collection of articles by writers in the field, who are not only reporting on events, but helping shape them with their analyses.

Dana Parker

Dana has been a contributor to this site nearly since its inception. She has been writing about CD-ROM, CD-R and DVD since 1990, and before that was a technician in the field.

Dana's articles in this site are:

Norman Desmarais

A collection of articles on the present and future of information professionals and the practice of information management using CD-ROM has been contributed by Norman Desmarais. Norm has been writing about CD-ROM for years, and was the editor in chief of CD-ROM Librarian, which later became CD-ROM World magazine. He has been a contributor to CD-ROM Profressional magazine (now e-Media Professional) as well as to many other publications.

Katherine Cochrane

Self-publishing gives us the luxury of indulging in a bit of editorializing as well as discussing our expectations for the future of electronic publishing and optical media. These are my own contributions.

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